The Importance of Exercise for Writers

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It’s strange to say that there is an importance of exercise for writers when the two activities are nothing alike. Writing is mental exertion with scribbled words as the result while exercising is physical exertion with toned muscles as the result. But it’s the balance of exercise in your writing schedule that will help you produce the writing results that you want.

Clears Your Head & Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

Before my college papers were due, my professors always suggested taking long walks during the writing process. I took long runs instead and thought about how to strengthen my argument and sort through my mistakes. The importance of exercise for writers is that you gain the focus and clarity needed to strengthen your writing. For one workout each week, exercise with the TV and stereo turned off and tune in to your writing project. Where does your writing project need work? Where will the writing go next?

More Energy

Exercise has been proven to boost daily energy levels. The physical exertion your body experiences during exercise increases your heart rate and respiration, causing your cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen and necessary nutrients to your bodily tissues more efficiently. In other words, the importance of exercise for writers is that it can lead to having more productive hours during the day to write.

Keeps You Healthy & Lowers Your Stress Levels

Writers don’t have time to get sick. You have too many deadlines and goals for you to be spending your time trying to get rid of a viral or bacterial illness. The importance of exercise for writers is that exercise strengthens your immune system. Stress can also weigh down on your immune system’s ability to fight off infection and disease, and exercise is a great outlet to let off some steam. Spend an hour a day exercising instead of weeks on the couch nursing yourself back to health.

Improves Your Attitude

Mood is everything for writers. You need to feel positive, motivated, and excited about your writing. The importance of exercise for writers is that exercise is a mood-lifter. Your brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine when you exercise–a chemical cocktail for an upbeat mood. This upbeat mood will also lead to feeling confident about your writing and yourself as a writer.

Improves Your Sleeping Patterns

Writers need beauty sleep so that writing sessions are successful. You need to feel rested and refreshed so that you have the creativity and focus your writing needs. The importance of exercise for writers is that regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster at night and stay asleep more peacefully. Exercise regularly in the morning so that you aren’t tossing and turning at night.

Choose a fitness routine that you both enjoy and find challenging so that you look forward to exercising. The next time you find yourself with writer’s block, remind yourself of the importance of exercising for the writer in you.

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