5 Ways to Make Your Personal Business Card Stand Out

Handing out a business card
Handing out a business card

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I recently wrote a guest blog post for GVSU Alumni’s blog about how graduates should format their business cards. Because content marketers and creative writers also carry business cards, I thought this post to also be helpful for you. Enjoy! 

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Your personal business card is your call to action. For those not familiar with the term, a call to action is an invitation for your reader to make an immediate response. In marketing, a call to action can be “call now” or “find out more” or “visit our store today.”

You can provoke that response from a hiring manager through a well-designed business card that encourages employers to call you, to check out your portfolio and to see how you conduct yourself professionally online.

Even the most qualified candidates get lost in the shuffle. Instead of falling through the cracks, you can easily create a personal business card that gets you noticed. Try these five tips so that yours stand out.

Make It Easy to Read

Can your business card be read from a distance or at a glance? If not, how likely will you be called for a business…

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