This Word Makes You a Very Lazy Writer

This Word Makes You a Very Lazy Writer Blog Post via

We’ve all used this word when we think, when we speak and when we write. It’s very easy to do.

See? I just used it.

Didn’t catch it? Let’s try this again.

It’s not an elaborate word, a controversial word, an out-of-date word or a trending word. It’s a word that we slip in to our sentence at the very last moment to emphasize our point.

Missed it again? I’ll spell it out for you.

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3 Things I Learned at the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference

HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference via

It’s been days since the final session at the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference and I still can’t believe I was in NYC. Yes, it was my first time in the big city and no, I didn’t let my short time there go to waste.

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Why I Don’t Say “Google It”

Why I Don't Say Google It Blog Post

Do we say “Google it” because the search engine is the biggest player in the industry? Or is Google dominating Internet search because we say “Google it”?

Here’s why I think their success is more reliant on our vernacular than we think — and how this mentality can change the whole game of digital marketing.

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