What Happened to StumbleUpon?

What Happened to StumbleUpon? via KLWightman.com

In the early years of my blog, I relied on StumbleUpon to spread the news about my latest blog post. Many blog referrals came from StumbleUpon who then continued to stumble upon more of my posts. I enjoyed showcasing that StumbleUpon icon at the bottom of each blog post next to the other social media sharing icons.

But then one day it disappeared.

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Slash vs Backslash: A Grammar Guide

How to use the slash correctly in a sentence

Not all punctuation marks have a long list of nicknames. Stroke, virgule, diagonal, right-leaning stroke, oblique dash, solidus, slant, separatrix, forward slash—all can be used for the slash.

And there’s the backslash. No nickname required. Unless you prefer to say backslant, slosh or reverse slash.

Laundry list of names aside, you’re here because you need answers. What’s the difference between the slash and the backslash? How do you use the slash correctly in a sentence? And is there a way to use the backslash correctly in a sentence?

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Best Times of Day to Increase Workday Productivity

Best Times of Day to Increase Workday Productivity via KLWightman.com

No one at my place of employment questions my level of productivity. Not only can I account for the work I accomplish on a weekly and monthly basis, but my methods to increase my workday productivity tend to be a running joke.

They’re just jealous.

Because I take pride in the value of my work, I make choices on how I conduct my workday. And after years of trial and error, I have found that my productivity on certain types of tasks are best done at certain times of day.

My hunch tells me that those times of day can also help you increase your workday productivity.

It’s all about routine, commitment and the angle of the sun.

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What Happened When I Stopped Drinking Coffee for 2 Months

What Happened When I Stopped Drinking Coffee For 2 Months via KLWightman.com

I love drinking coffee. When my workweek alarm rings, my sole motivator for rolling out of bed is knowing that in a few hours I can drink a cup of coffee.

And after the long run, morning chores and commuting to work, I have a moment of peace holding my mug of coffee. The steamy aroma of java, the gentle heat pressing upon my palms, the taste of coconut milk creamer swirling in my brew—it’s my reward for all that I accomplish before 7AM.

If I love coffee so much, why would I give it up?

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7 Must-Haves for Solo Travel: Road Trip Edition

7 Must-Haves for Solo Travel: Road Trip Edition via KLWightman.com

Recently, the team at Red Roof welcomed me on their podcast channel so that I could share my experiences with and advice about solo travelling. I had a blast talking with the hosts and I’m thrilled that they’ve invited me back in the future for a second conversation.

If you’re curious about my solo travel life—or eager to listen to my stories, particularly my snow blizzard survival story—I recommend taking a listen.

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Is Camp NaNoWriMo Right For You?


NaNoWriMo gets all the press and Twitter love. But what about Camp NaNoWriMo?

You don’t have to be an accomplished writer to join Camp NaNoWriMo. You don’t even have to like camping to participate. If you want to write and reach a goal by the end of the month, then this writing challenge could be right for you.

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5 Ways Gamification Can Transform Your Writing

5 Ways Gamification Can Transform Your Writing via KLWightman.com

Does your writing need a jolt? A shake-up? Anything to make it fun again?

So you’re not writing, but it’s not because you don’t like to write anymore. You wouldn’t take the time to read this blog post if writing is just a hobby that’s fading from your life. You’ve just reached that phase of writing we all hit from time to time: writer’s block.

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All the Ways You Can Find Your Customer Pain Points

All the Ways You Can Find Your Customer Pain Points via KLWightman.com

Think about the company that has earned your undying loyalty. What is it about this business that resonates with you so strongly?

Do they provide a stellar product or service? Do they make it easy for you to purchase? Do they share your personal values? Is your experience with the company always positive and engaging? Do they express that they care about how you feel? Do they listen to what you have to say?

In short, you are loyal to this business because this business understands you.

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My First Rugged Maniac Experience

My First Rugged Maniac Experience via KLWightman.com

I love running. That’s why I go for a run 4–5 days a week, be it 5:30AM, in rain, in scorching heat, in bone-chilling cold. For me, it’s never about if but when and how and where.

So when my co-worker let me know that our company was forming a team to run the Rugged Maniac, I told her to sign me up. A 5K with a few obstacles—how bad could it be?

Little did I know.

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