Hate Writing? 4 Ways to Curb Your Stress

Hate writing?
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It’s bound to happen: that moment when you hate writing. You’re a ball of stress just thinking about that research paper, fifth chapter, and marketing report that’s not writing itself. How do you spare yourself the pain and grief of getting that dreaded writing project complete? Follow these writing tips to get you excited about (and not hate) writing.

Change Your Medium

Maybe you hate writing because you’re trying to clunk out words on the keyboard. Step away from the glaring computer screen and get your writing going these ways:

  • Pen and Paper: Does the formality of typing stall your creative process? Try writing in a journal, on a notepad, or on a blank piece of paper to get your thoughts flowing smoothly and quickly.
  • Dictate: If you think faster by speaking, then say it! Record your voice or have someone dictate your spoken ideas. Review the recording or notes and see how much you have formed of your writing.

Change Your Audience

Do you hate writing because you can’t get the tone of the project down on paper? It’s easier to make the writing professional if you already have the written ideas composed. Try directing your writing towards a friend or family member. It might be easier to explain your story or topic when it’s to a familiar face that you can imagine. Once you have practice explaining it one way, go back and change the terminology in your writing to your professional audience.

Work Under Pressure

If you’re a procrastinator, then it’s time to bring on the pressure! Try these time-crunching tips that’ll make sure you don’t have time to hate writing.

  • Social Pressure: Recruit a friend to get you to stay on track. Agree on a timeframe to complete the writing, then have your friend check in on you (phone call, email, text, chat, visit, etc.) at intervals during the day to make sure you’re sticking to the plan. Then reward yourself by hanging out with your friend after the writing is done!
  • Time It: Choose a realistic time to get your writing project done, then clock yourself with a timer. Try to crank out as much as you can during this time, especially towards the end. You may find yourself wanting to write more after the timer sounds.

Remove Insecurities

Do you hate writing because it brings out your flaws as a writer? Then it’s time to sharpen your skills and bring your confidence back to the writing table.

  • Forget (Temporarily) About Spelling & Grammar: Keep your writing time about your writing. Turn off your inner editor and focus on composing your writing. Set some time dedicated strictly for editing.
  • Practice Your Typing: Do you hate writing because your typing skills aren’t up to par? Practice your typing weekly with online games and tutoring. Your words will fly when you can type faster and nimbler at the keyboard.

Perhaps you hate writing because you haven’t done enough research for your writing. Maybe you need to upgrade or create a writing workspace. Or maybe you need to outline your writing project so you know where to go with your words.

The truth is that you don’t hate writing. There’s a factor about the experience of writing that brings out your insecurities and not the best in you. By conquering what troubles you with a new solution, you’ll have a new writing habit instead of a writing excuse.

What do you do when you start to hate writing? Share below.


  1. Those are all great suggestions. One more is to start a writing project that is purely indulgent fun, so you get used to that feeling of looking forward to writing (as long as it’s not an excuse to avoid assignments!)

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