5 Easy Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Writing

Increase Productivity

Coffee can boost your writing adrenaline, but wouldn’t it be nice to increase productivity in your writing through your own determination? Take control of how productive you are during your writing sessions by creating new writing habits that will keep you on track with your writing goals.

Conquer Small Goals

You are setting yourself up for failure if you expect to write your novel in one sitting or write your first draft perfectly. You’ll increase productivity in your writing by going for smaller, specific goals like writing five pages, drafting a character’s motivation, or outlining your writing project. Achieving small goals will keep you motivated to achieve more small goals as well as keep you staying positive about your writing.

Take Breaks

Sometimes staring at the screen or the page won’t make the words come faster. Listen to that ache in your brain. That pain comes after long periods of writing because your brain is using up your glucose–and a sign that you need a break. Increase productivity in your writing by stepping away from it. Get some exercise, grab a snack, do a small chore around the house–any activity that clears your head and gets your blood moving. You’ll come back to your writing with the same vigor as when you started your writing session.

Set Yourself Up For Success

There is no writing without a writer. Your mind should be relaxed and motivated if you want to increase productivity in your writing, so pamper yourself before your writing session. Try eating a good meal, meditating, and reading an article or chapter from a book that interests you. That means avoiding your emails or anything else that will pull you away from your writing or your cheerful mood. Walk into your safe writing workspace feeling calm, positive, and ready to write.

Take on the Hard Task First

Your mind is most fresh when you begin your writing, so increase productivity in your writing by tackling the goal first. You’ll also be more motivated to conquer more goals after completing the hard task first. If you have any busy work tasks, save them for later on in the writing session when your blood sugar drops.

Stay Organized

You’ll get more done when you know where everything is for your writing session. To increase productivity in your writing, keep your writing to-do list, notes, and ideas all in one notebook, folder, binder, file–whatever method keeps you the most organized. You must know what tasks need to be completed next as well as everything about your writing project in order to be productive and moving forward with your writing.

Know what writing habits work best for you and what time of day is best for you to write. Write journal entries about which habits of yours are working and not working, and then try to tweak your behavior. Define which habits and attitudes that bring out the best writer in you so that you increase productivity in your writing.


  1. The “conquer small goals” is something I need to do. I keep pressuring myself to finish my current project. Consequently, I’ve gotten about 1000 words written over the past two weeks, which equals 1 writing session and about 10 blown off writing sessions. Gotta focus back on the story and not on finishing the story.

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