5 Surefire Ways to Write a Convincing Customer Review

Write a Customer Review

Love your latest gadget? Hate the newest bistro down the street?

It’s time to write a customer review!

This is a great writing exercise to for you to practice your accuracy, descriptions, and persuasiveness in your craft. But how do you keep readers reading? It’s all in how you write the customer review.

Be Specific

There are many brands, models, and varieties of a product or a business. People research a specific product, so write a customer review that confirms your review fits their research needs. Include in your first sentence the product’s specific brand, model, and year it came out. If it’s a business, point out exactly what city and intersection the business is located. Readers should know right away that they’re reading the right review.

Identify the Features

Do some research of your own. Know the key selling points that the product or business promotes in their marketing. People want to know if these claims are true, so write a customer review about these features. Do they measure up? Do they exceed your expectations? Readers skim for keywords, so don’t leave any out.

Pros & Cons

Separate yourself from the rants and raves. If you want to write a customer review that’s taken seriously, present both the pros and cons. Write your customer review rationally and calmly. If you need to take a few days to cool off before writing, take it. If you want to write your bad experience down before you forget it, scribble it out—but wait to revise it when you aren’t mad anymore.

Prove That You’re Human

It’s not a secret anymore. Many companies use anonymous profiles to promote their product or business in the customer reviews section. Stand out from the fake comments. That doesn’t mean you should reveal your identity or post your address. Write a customer review that tells a story. Describe your experience using the product or visiting the business. How did you feel during the experience? How can readers visualize your experience?

Include a Photo

Sometimes you need to do more than write a customer review. Readers don’t want to see the company’s professional photographs. They want to see real-time proof that the product or business is as great as advertised. Meet their demand. Your visuals validate your words. Besides, pairing your customer reviews with an image often bumps the post, meaning more readers read your post.

Sum up your review with a final verdict:

  • Is the product worth buying?
  • Is the business worth visiting again?
  • What product or business is a better substitute?

The purpose of your review is to convince your readers of their confidence in buying or not buying a product or from a business. See if your writing is persuasive by reading over your customer review objectively.

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