7 Writing Decisions You Can Make Today

Making Decisions

Spun this wheel before?

What should I name this character? Should the plot go this way or that?

Making decisions in your writing doesn’t have to be tough. It’s exhilarating once you make a decision and plow ahead with it. You are a leader. You are in control. So stop procrastinating. Have a say in your writing.

Start here, right now.

Decision 1: Your Project

You probably have many writing projects going on all at once. This can be overwhelming.

So prioritize. What project do you want to conquer the most? Which has a pressing deadline?

Make your decision objectively and conclusively. Stick with it and get to work.

Decision 2: Your Writing Partners

Do you plan to write with others? Whose writing do you enjoy to read? Who do you know you work well with? Contact them and team up.

Now choose your editor. Who do you know and trust with your work? Choose up to two people to look at your work. Keep them in mind as you write.

Decision 3: Your Deadline

When do you want your writing project completed? Tomorrow? Next year?

Making decisions means making deadlines. Set a date. Plan a writing schedule.

Decision 4: Your Purpose

Why did you choose to write this writing project? What is the point of this writing project? What do you want to gain from this experience?

Define your writing direction. Write down your reasons. Post them in your writing workspace.

Decision 5: Your Time to Write

What time of day do you write at your best? What hours work best in your schedule?

Choose a time when you won’t be bothered with work, family, friends, and your to-do list. If your time frame needs to change, switch it.

Decision 6: Your Goals

Take your writing schedule one step further. What is your ultimate goal?

Get there by creating smaller goals to achieve along the way. What are the steps to reach your final goal? Mark goals on your writing schedule.

Remember, goals are set so that you know when you can stop. Goals can evolve and reverse as the project progresses.

Decision 7: Your Rewards

Goals deserve rewards. Make a decision on what you receive after conquering a goal.

A new shirt? An ice cream sundae? A night on the town?

Having a reason to achieve your goals is motivation enough to get the writing done.

Making decisions wasn’t tough, was it? You have 7 now under your belt. The other decisions you make in your writing are all part of the writing process. When you start to get unsure of yourself, refer back to these 7 writing decisions to stay in control.


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