My NaNoWriMo Week 5


My Progress

Incredible progress this week! I wrote 16 pages, and I’m now in chapter 9.

My Obstacles

Holidays usually take away from my time to write. This year, however, I didn’t fly home for the season, so I had more than enough time. But R&R time kicked in Wednesday night, so I had to set a rigid schedule and get out of the house in order to reach my writing goal.

My Successes

I was very focused this week. I had at least four writing sessions this week, all of them producing at least three pages and many minutes planning the next set of pages.

My Goal

My goal this week is to at least complete chapter 9, and aim at writing 10 pages.


  1. Congrats on your progress this week! It sounds like you’re back up to speed in terms of where you want to be. It’s amazing how sometimes the holidays don’t have to take us away from what we want to do. For me, sometimes, I think it’s a matter of intention. Once I determine that something is important, and I make sure I have lots of ways to focus my attention on it, it seems to go a little more smoothly. Still little snags along the way, but having a clear vision of what I want does seem to help.

    I am especially excited about the way that you are continuing your writing goals into December. While the premise of NaNoWriMo is awesome, I’ve seen people absolutely burn out from it. Your method of pacing that leads you to continue seems to be a demonstration of the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare! Looking forward to your continued check-ins. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support Deborah! I’ve noticed that I’ve been more determined to meet my writing goals so that I can report successful news on my blog. Nothing like our online writing community to hold me to my promises!

  2. Way to go on your progress!

    I have to comment on the photo, though. Every time I see it, I think it is a picture of an incorrectly designed tally mark (there should only be 5 pencils, not 6).

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