What Writers Really Want For Christmas

It’s hard to please a writer, especially during gift-giving holidays. Writers have hard-to-match taste in literature and win any witty holiday card competition. It’s a challenge to chisel through that introspective exterior and get an answer on what to buy them for Christmas.

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The answer isn’t deeply hidden. In fact, what writers really want for Christmas often can’t be wrapped and tucked underneath the Christmas tree. Because what writers really want for Christmas can be found on the pages of our favorite holiday stories.

Enough Writing Materials

A stack of notebooks, boxes of pens, or a printer stuffed with enough paper and ink can make a difference between a focused writer and a procrastinating one. Writers already have enough excuses to put off writing that chapter, so a stressful lack of supplies shouldn’t be one of them.

A Support System

It’s not easy telling people that you want to be a writer. In a world where everyone says they want to publish a book, it’s hard for someone to take a writer seriously. Genuine support from family and friends keeps a writer positive and motivated to stick to their writing project.

Ask about their writing projects. Don’t make faces when they talk about writing. Be understanding if they need time alone to write.

Your Stories

Let’s be honest: many of the best stories are stolen.  So let your writer be a thief! Sit down by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and tell them your stories. You’ll have the writer’s full attention and eagerness to weave your tale into their next project.

Great Memories

Writers also enjoy writing about their life experiences too. So make some memories! Plan some fun activities out in the snow and inside where it’s warm. Stick to your holiday traditions—or add a twist to this year’s festivities. Be yourself and show off your personality when they’re around. Writers take note of every moment, be it large or small.

Because what writers really want for Christmas is you.

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