The Best Beats For Your Writing Jam Session

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Are you listening to the right music when you write? If you’re singing along to the song, you’re not.

You don’t have much time during the day to write. So make the most of your time that you allot to your writing session by clicking play to the right music station. Jumpstart your writing with these music genres:

Classical Music

Zoning out? Playing classical music puts a stop to daydreaming. Put some Mozart or Bruckner in your music cue if you want to increase your concentration and boost your brainpower. The light melody of orchestral music keeps your writing pace consistent and steady. So squash your stress levels with strings and brass.

Rock Music

Hate classical? Try rock music. These upbeat tones release unwanted tension. Rock music eliminates distraction and keeps you focused on the importance of writing right now. Pick songs with less vocals and more instrumental solos. You’ll feel energized after one minute of air guitaring and want to write. An enhanced mood equals heightened levels of productivity.

Ambient / New Age Music

Ambient and new age music was designed to keep your mind active and alert at a lower, subconscious level. The blend of various instrumental sounds and styles sets the mood for relaxation. If you’re stressed about your writing project, playing ambient or new age music lets you find the calm in your situation and move forward with a solution. Ambient and new age music is great to play when you’re editing your work.

Jazz Music

Jazz is my favorite. I find the ad-libbing saxophone and dabbling piano keys lively, spirited, and exciting. Jazz music is uplifting and inspirational, and that leads to creativity and innovation in your writing. This genre evokes powerful emotions useful for adding vibrancy to a scene, dialogue, or character.

What music do you listen to when you write? Why is it your go-to playlist?


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