The One-Two Punch For Fighting Writing Fears


That one writing fear can taunt you in your sleep, paralyze you when you plan to write, and do a number on your self-esteem.

Why are you letting your fear bully you?

Your fear is not the boss of you. Fighting your writing fears is as simple as calling it out, rationalizing it, and taking action.

Call Out The Fear

What is holding you back?

Write it out. Stare at it. Write it over and over again until it sinks in.

Now ask yourself:

  • Why do you feel this way?
  • When did you start feeling this way?
  • What triggers your fear?

Identify the fear so that you can conquer it. Now it’s time to face the fear head-on.

Is It A Lie?

Is your fear irrational?

An irrational fear is a premise that you hold as true that isn’t based on any factual basis.

In other words, there is no truth to your fear.

So replace your fear with a truth. Say your new truth out loud. Write it down. Post it in your writing space. Say it everyday with a smile on your face until you forget you had a fear in the first place.

But not all fears are irrational. A rational fear is a natural response to a real threat. Examine your fear realistically and decide if it should be faced or eliminated.

Tackle The Fear

If the fear is indeed rational and true, it’s time to knock it down.

What is the goal attached to your fear? For example, if your fear is that you can’t write a novel, the goal is to write a novel.

Examine the goal. What can you do to reach it?

Write down manageable steps to reaching your goal. How can you improve to reach it? Be honest. Incorporate it in your steps and keep tweaking until you reach your goal.

Crushing a fear and launching into a goal? That’s what I call a knockout.

How do you fight you writing fears? Share your strategies below.


  1. My only fear as a writer is that everyone will think what I wrote is terrible (and if everybody thinks it’s terrible, it probably is). The alternative is wasting a lot of time writing something no one ever sees. The Lesser of Two Evils approach might not work for everybody, but we pessimists have to find our own methods.


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