The Right Words For Your Resume

The Right Words For Your Resume

As creative writers, we’re constantly in search of the perfect words for our manuscript. Since we know the value of one word over another in our creative writing, why don’t we take the time to make every word count on our resumes?

Whether you’re looking for a job now or constantly updating your achievements, the success of your resume depends on the right words to make your accomplishments shine.

Grammarly, the famous online grammar checker, recently collected 500 active job postings and assessed what words hiring managers seek when they sift through their resume pile. It turns out that not only are we (the applicants) not writing down the right words, but we’re also not conveying the right mindset for the position.

Take a look:

Grammarly Celebrity Twitter Mistakes

What words do you plan to change on your resume? Share your edits below.

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