5 Inspiring Ways To Spark Creativity

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Sometimes we need a reboot. We hit a wall in our writing and ideas aren’t flowing from our brain to our pen. Writer’s block, even for the shortest while, can really bum us out.

Instead of banging your head on your desk, try a new way to tap into your creativity. It’s definitely there, so step outside your comfort zone and try out one of these writing tips to leave you feeling inspired and ready to jump back into your manuscript.

Surround Yourself With Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you should be writing all of them. Pictures resonate with us because they tell a story. But what story are they telling? Why is it happening? What happens next?

Transform your writing workspace into a visual canvas. Hang up photos from your own collection and print out pictures you find through Internet searches or social media networks like Instagram, Flick and Pinterest.

Study Old Curiosities

Rusted knick-knack toys and old comic books fascinate us. That’s because we’re natural problem-solvers and we instinctually try to figure out everything about the object. What is the object’s story? How was it made? Why was it made this way? Where has it been?

Answer these questions when looking at old objects at an antique store or with old oddities you keep within reach. Unlocking the puzzle of the old curiosity can unlock your creativity.

Play Like A Kid

Talk to a three-year-old and you’ll remember a time when you were overflowing with creativity. That’s because kids aren’t bogged down by you-can’t-do-this or shouldn’t-try-that ideas.

So why do these thoughts hold you back?

Take on a babysitting gig to revisit what it’s like to be a kid. Use your imagination with dolls, dress-up clothes or running around the park. Because when you know how to play like a kid, you’ll know how to be creative like a kid.

Pour A Pint Of Beer

According to the research, big ideas start with beer. One pint of beer brings on that relaxed state that gives birth to those treasured eureka moments.

But drink strategically. Sit at the bar with a friend and bring the problem you want to solve to the conversation. You and your friend can bounce ideas off each other and scribble down your plan on a napkin (or a notebook if you’re more prepared). Once the buzz wears off, you can put your plan into action.

Take On A Writing Prompt

Why write something that won’t get published? Because it could can solve that problem in your current work.

Writing prompts challenge your brain to find solutions within a story prompt problem and to make connections that aren’t so obvious. Step away from your current writing project and take on a writing prompt. Getting your brain in gear to solve problems like these can lead to finding the solution you need to get your creativity going again.

How do you tap back into your creativity when you’re stuck? Share your writing tip below.


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