A Letter From Your Writing Goal

A Letter From Your Writing Goal
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Hey you,

It’s me. You know, your writing goal. Your dream project. That possibility.

You know who I am. The next Great American Novel. That blockbuster film script. That Broadway playbook.

I didn’t send you paper and pens because I know you have plenty of those. I didn’t set up a signed contract deal because I know you can snag that yourself. I didn’t turn back the hands of the clock because it’s not time that’s holding you back.

I’m writing because I know you’re stuck.

Lately, you’re thinking that you’re not cut out for the job. That your writing project isn’t going anywhere. That you don’t have the time to make it happen.

But that’s not true. If you weren’t the one for the job, why would I be pestering you about it?

I came to you because I knew you could do it.

I wouldn’t have hit you like lightning. I wouldn’t have knocked at the door of your mind. I wouldn’t have visited your dreams, your creativity, your ambitions.

I wouldn’t have made it so alluring to think about me.

I wouldn’t have brought you the vision of what you can do with it.

I wouldn’t have made you so frustrated if I knew it didn’t matter.

That’s why I don’t leave you alone.

Don’t you remember why you started me in the first place? You wanted to bring meaning into your writing. You knew that only you could get this idea right on paper. You wanted to make a difference.

You want this. You want this so badly that it hurts.

So, why do you keep pushing me away? Why do you keep telling me that I’m silly, too grand and unrealistic?

I’m right here—and I’m ready to give you the greatest writing satisfaction you have yet to experience. And now you’re saying no.

Do you know how sad this makes me? I burst in tears thinking about the joy you are missing out on. I cry because you don’t see the immense strength and brilliance that’s inside of you. I cry for what your readers don’t get to read.

Writing goals are never easy. Challenges, dark days and doubt happen when you push yourself to do something you’ve never done before. Think of all the lessons you’ve learned and how you’ve strengthened as a writer.

Why, then, do you let this bring you down?

I knew that I’d have to do a lot of waiting. Writing goals take time, patience and strength. And I’m waiting for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

You can do this. You still have it in you. It’s still your decision to make it happen.

I’m waiting for you to say yes.

Love Always,

Your Writing Goal

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