Keeping Your Writing Workspace Clutter-Free

Subscribe to Blog Upper ButtonThis has probably happened to me a dozen times. I walk over to my writing workspace, all excited about the next scene I get to write in my story, but then slump down in my chair.

My desk—what a mess!

If your writing workspace is so cluttered that it chases you away from writing all the pages you want to write, something needs to change.

When the clutter at my writing workspace is out of control, I follow these five steps to reorganize my desk so that there are no writing project delays.

Step 1: Reduce Items On Your Desk

The clearer the space, the more room for you to think freely and write. Take away anything that doesn’t contribute to your writing. Yes, this seems simple enough—but this step is often overlooked. So, what doesn’t absolutely need to be there? If it’s not essential to your writing, it needs to go elsewhere.

Step 2: Use Drawers

Throwing stuff in drawers is cheating, but keeping projects neatly tucked away isn’t. This is where you should file away projects and notes that need to be at your fingertips, but not necessarily on your desk. Only keep out the notes and pages of the project you’re working on today. If your writing workspace doesn’t have drawers, keep a filing cabinet or other storage system nearby to stay clutter-free and organized.

Step 3: Choose Digital Over Paper

It feels good to cross off a task on your to-do list. But if it’s crowding your writing workspace and keeping you away from your desk, then the to-do list is, well, pointless. Consider keeping electronic to-do lists. Storing notes and projects on the computer can also free up desk and drawer space.

Step 4: Clean That Computer Desktop

Your desk isn’t the only thing that should be clutter-free. If you write on the computer, a desktop full of links and saved files can be quite distracting. Store saved files in folders off your desktop and bookmark links on your Internet browser. Choose a desktop image that inspires you to write.

Step 5: The Last 5 Minutes Is Cleanup Time

When you’re done writing for the day, put away your project and notes. Anything that crept back onto your desk that doesn’t belong should also be removed.

What do you do to keep a clutter-free writing workspace? Share your tips below.


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