Creating Masculine & Feminine Energy For Your Writing

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I’m not here to tell you to be a male or female writer.

A common mistake about masculine energy and feminine energy is that it has to do with being a man or a woman.

That’s not the case.

Writing is about balance. It’s about brainstorming story ideas and writing them down. It’s about devising a strategy then making it happen. It’s about receiving advice from others as well as yourself.

Same with masculine energy and feminine energy. Having a balance of both energies brings wholeness to your writing. Try focusing on both what you can do for your writing as well as what your thoughts can do for your writing.

Let me explain.

Masculine energy is external. It’s the part of you that goes out to get what you want. It’s the doing-ness factor. This creative energy is necessary to get stuff done, whether that is writing your story, networking with industry peers or solidifying publishing contracts.

We are most familiar with masculine energy. This energy is about making the change we want to see in the world happen with actions and words.

Actions get things done. But actions can’t be done blindly if you want what you do to have a purpose. You need a plan. You need to think.

This is where feminine energy comes in.

Feminine energy is internal. It’s about drawing yourself toward what you want to actively create externally by reflecting internally.

This doesn’t mean be passive and static. This doesn’t mean you should sit by the phone and wait for opportunity to call.

This is allowing yourself to pause and collect your thoughts. What do you want to happen in your story? In your writing career? How do you see it happening? How can you change your attitude about your writing?

By cultivating a strong inner vision, you can then work externally to make that vision happen.

Do you have a balance or imbalance of masculine and feminine energy? How has this impacted your writing? Share your experience below.

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