5 Meditations For Writers

5 Meditations For Writers and Writing

To be a writer, you must reflect.

Sound like a waste of time? Probably does if you’re on a tight deadline. Think of what you could be doing instead of sitting still thinking.

Ah, but inner reflection is as important (if not more so) than outward action. Meditation allows you to open your mind to new possibilities, to revisit your writing philosophy, to create or strengthen your plan before writing out your story.

So balance your masculine and feminine energies. I’ve compiled my favorite meditations I use when I feel stuck in my writing.

Meditation To Open Your Creativity

Ideas not flowing? Unsure how to solve that sticky situation or make your character take the leap? This writing meditation lets you take a step back and take in a few deep breaths so that you can make it happen.

Meditation To Cure Writer’s Block

You know you should be writing—but you simply don’t feel like it. If you’ve felt this way for some time, close your eyes and listen to this writing meditation. It’s an unorthodox way to cure writer’s block and to stimulate your inner writing passion, but it does the trick for me when I need it most.

Meditation To Enhance Your Concentration When Writing

Easily distracted? This writing meditation strengthens your focus and your ability to concentrate on your writing. I practice this meditation exercise when I have looming deadlines and a lack of concentration.

Meditation To Remove Writing Barriers

What is really holding you back from writing that story? This writing meditation is the guilt-free way to pause, then reflect on what prevents you from creating this story, be it internal or external struggles.

Meditation To Eliminate Stress While Writing

As much as we love to write, at times it can be stressful. Instead of letting your blood pressure rise and bottling up those crummy frustrations, listen to this writing meditation to let the pressures go so that you are relaxed for future writing sessions.

What meditation do you recommend for writers? Share your favorite mediation below.


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