Confronting Your Writer’s Crisis

How do you go about confronting your writer's crisis? By asking this question.

You must have the writer’s crisis bad if you’re reading this.

So let’s get down to it.

The truth is, writers suffer more from writer’s crisis than writer’s block.

(If you’re not sure what writer’s block is, take a look at last week’s blog post.)

Writer’s block is the struggle to get words on the page. Writer’s crisis is the anxiety attack resulting in the fear of coping with writing failures, from your writing career to your writing reputation.

Writer’s crisis can cripple a writer’s writing career or writing accomplishments. Writer’s block merely keeps the writer from writing for the week.

This is a serious issue that the Internet is afraid to tackle. Here are the stats.

I’m not afraid. And neither are you.

So, how do you go about confronting your writer’s crisis?

Simple. Ask a question. That’s it.

Get out your journal. Look in the mirror. Pull an empty chair in front of you and pretend your writer’s crisis is sitting in it. Then ask the question.

The question you ask is this: Why am I suffering from writer’s crisis?

Before you bounce from this blog post, I promise it’s this easy and this hard.


You need to ask the question several times. The first few times, you’ll only scratch the surface of the problem, avoid the problem, or mock the problem. But if you’re persistent and are willing to be honest with yourself, you can get to the root of your problem.

Watch this video that I referenced in my last blog post. It shows the complicated process of asking only one question again and again:

By asking the question again and again, you’ll uncover why you feel insecure about your writing, why you feel your writing career is doomed to fail, why you feel like writing is a waste of time, why you feel empty.

If you want a solution to your writer’s crisis, all you have to do is ask.

Did you confront your writer’s crisis? What was the root emotions or root cause to your writer’s crisis? Share your story below.


  1. I really appreciate how you are helping others to dig deep here. You are right about the repeated question. The first few answers tend to be reasonable and valid, yet often superficial. For me, I always need to come back to why I’m on the planet in the first place, my purpose.

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