My Writing Adventures: Another Update

Déjà vu anyone? Just like last year, I have more updates to share about my life when it comes to my  marketing career and writing endeavors. If you’ve wondered why I have been so quiet on the blog post front, I now have reason to explain why.

I Have A New Job!

I’m ecstatic to announce that I am the new Digital Brand Content Manager at Red Roof Inn. After a year of living in Ann Arbor, it’s time to uproot my life again and head south to Columbus.

Red Roof Inn Logos

Red Roof Inn is a very recognizable brand with hotel locations 450+ hotel locations across the country. As a cross-country traveler, I have stayed at my fair share of hotels (and even slept in my car) between collecting National Park stamps and Red Roof Inn was always my favorite in friendliness, in comfort and in price. When I saw that they had an opening at their corporate office on their marketing team, I jumped at the chance and I’m glad I did.

Downtown Columbus


I’m so excited that I’ll soon be working in the hospitality and tourism industry. I’m sad to leave one sister behind in Ann Arbor, but I’ll soon live close to another sister in Columbus.


My 31 Plays in 31 Days Results

To recap, my goal was to write 31 plays in 31 days. And I failed miserably.

Disappointed Simba The Lion King GIF

How bad did I do? I wrote one play. Oh, and five pages of my novel.

I wanted to do this challenge so badly because I genuinely wanted new work in my collection to submit to theatre production calls and contests. I simply chose the wrong month to tackle the goal.

Here’s why August was so busy for me:

  • I moved out of my apartment into temporary housing
  • I traveled by car or by plane for job interviews every week
  • I spent hours on the phone with insurance, gas and electric companies trying to get all my documents in order in order to snag a new (and really great) apartment

Will I try this challenge again next year? Of course! Hopefully I can make it happen successfully in August 2017.

So, What Can You Expect Next?

Fall will be a busy season for me. I plan to hit the ground running at my new place of work while making new friends in my new city.

November’s just around the corner, so you can expect round 4 of my version of NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure what kind of challenge I’ll take on this year, but I should have a good idea by late October if not sooner.

In the meanwhile, you can count on finding a new blog post here every Monday.

Do you have any news to share about your writing career or writing projects? Share your story below.


  1. Hey K.L.!! Not sure if you remember me. It’s manboy – I hd a blog back in 2012 (Feck This Sh1t). I’ve just started blogging again with a new site and thought I’d stop by your to see how you’re getting on? Great news about the new job, congrats! As always, your posts area a great read. Anyways, looking forward to next Monday’s post!

    Keef (AKA Manboy).

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