Why I’m Okay That I’m Not Published (Yet) [Infographic]

Here's why I'm okay that I'm not published (yet)

I thought I’d have a book published by now. Here’s why I’m okay that I can’t call myself an author just yet.

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When I was in grad school, a professor predicted that I’d have my first novel published in three years.

That deadline passed four years ago.

Between snagging my MFA diploma and now, my life has drastically changed. I’ve built up a career in marketing. I’ve paid all my debt. I’ve moved across the country twice.

Why I Keep On Blogging via KLWightman.com

And because I blog, I still write weekly.

I remember other professors back then telling us wide-eyed students that most graduates would never publish a book. Back then, I was determined to not become another tally to the statistic.

But have I?

Sure, I don’t have a hardbound novel with my name on it. And I don’t yet know an editor or literary agent dying to get my manuscript published.

But that’s just my current state.

My life’s not over. While I don’t have that success today or yesterday, that doesn’t mean it’s not attainable in the future.

How to win NaNoWriMo? Here’s how I tackled National Novel Writing Month

Because of NaNoWriMo, I wrote out the first draft of a manuscript I’ve wanted to get on paper. I definitely have a long way to go in editing it, but I’m much closer to the goal than when I kept it all in my head.

It’s all about taking it a step at a time. No matter how long that takes.

Just take a look at the successful authors whose books we adore. Most didn’t publish the book that placed them on the literary map when they were in their twenties.

Thank goodness.

I came across this infographic by EssayMama that I wanted to share because it really puts into perspective the writer’s journey. Writing is a life-long commitment, and it may take decades—or most of that lifespan—to get that book in print.

Take a look:

It Is Never Too Late to Start Writing Your Bestseller via EssayMama.com

Are you okay that you haven’t published a book yet? Share your story in the comments section below.

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