My NaNoWriMo: Round 5, Week 1

We’re only a few days into National Novel Writing Month and I’m already switching up my NaNoWriMo strategy!

November, watch out. Because I have big dreams—and hopefully few obstacles.

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Has it really been five years?

If you haven’t noticed, I frequently blog about NaNoWriMo in October and November. If you’re new to my blog, or not familiar with National Novel Writing Month, read this.

Now that November is in full swing, it’s time to renew my annual tradition: Blogging about my NaNoWriMo progress.

But there’s going to be some changes this year.

What’s New For My NaNoWriMo 2017

This season, I plan to step up my game because I plan to:

  • Post My NaNoWriMo updates on Fridays instead of Mondays.
  • Publish at least two additional blog posts regarding National Novel Writing Month on Mondays.
  • Upgrade my blog and perhaps give it yet another makeover.

Too ambitious? Perhaps. Better to set the bar too high than too low!

How I’m Participating in National Novel Writing Month

In years past, I did my own version of National Novel Writing Month where I focused on achieving smaller goals for a writing project instead of aiming for 50,000+ words.

Last year, I went all in and did NaNoWriMo for reals—and won!

After achieving that feat, I felt like I couldn’t go back. It seemed like cheating my readers and myself.

This year, I’m doing it again. I’m going for the big prize!

With some minor changes.

I decided to write a novel in stories that all tie together in the end instead of the traditional hero character arc.

Can I do it? Stay tuned each Friday to learn about my weekly accomplishments, my obstacles and my goals throughout November.

See you next Friday!

How are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Share your goal in the comments section below. 


  1. Best of luck reaching your goals! This is my second year participating and I feel better prepared this time around. It’s gonna to be a task but I’m revamping a story I started back in high school. It was filled with cliches and scenes I only included to make it more like other things I had read via wattpad and YA novels back then. The goal is to hit 50k for that. But, I also want to get a few chapters out for some fanfiction that I’ve left hanging since August.

    1. Wow, you are extremely ambitious this NaNoWriMo! But what better time to inspire yourself to write all your stories when you have such a supportive community cheering for you? I can’t wait to hear about your success by December 1, if not sooner!

      Sounds like you are more prepared than me this go-around! Being a pantser this year is stressful for a planner like me, but it’s not a good enough excuse to back down from this challenge.

      Thanks for all the support! 😊

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