20 Ways to Write More Throughout the Year

You can’t search for ways to write more as if each day of the year is the same. Some days are longer or shorter than others. Some days are warmer or colder than others. Some days are more eventful than others.

You have to craft a writing strategy that allows you to write more season by season.

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While the weather outside shouldn’t always dictate what you write, working with Mother Nature can be a strong advantage to you if you want to reach your writing goals.

From spring and summer to fall and winter, I’ve blogged about ways to write more during each upcoming season. Try these twenty writing tips if you’re serious about writing more not just today but from month to month and year to year.

Write More This Spring

5 Ways to Write More This Spring via KLWightman.com

Since spring is a time for new beginnings, it’s the right season to start new writing habits that you can maintain throughout the year. And you’ll be ready to try something out of the ordinary, especially if you’ve let the inner writer within you hibernate for a couple of weeks—or months.

Whether it’s trying out a new writing tool or joining a virtual writing group, you can commit to writing more this spring today. There’s even a writer movement you can join that happens in spring.

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Write More This Summer

5 Ways to Write More This Summer Blog Post via KLWightman.com

Summer can be a season that holds your writing back or launches it forward! Sure, beaches are open, vacations are on your calendar, summer reading clubs have started and summer festivals are happening every weekend. That doesn’t mean you can’t write more this summer.

With more daylight hours and warmer weather, summer is the season that shines sunlight on your inspiration—with the right writing strategy in place, of course. If you’re willing to switch up how you write—and what you write—you’re certain to exceed your writing wordcount goals.

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Write More This Autumn

5 Ways to Write More This Autumn via KLWightman.com

Autumn is a fun season with apple pickings, beer festivals, school homecomings and sports games. Fall is also when precious daylight hours slip through our fingertips and we cope with the reality that it’s getting colder and colder outside. We need a new writing strategy this season if we want to write more this autumn that doesn’t rely on sunshine and warm weather.

Autumn is a great season to shake off habits in your life that are holding back your writing. By shifting your schedule and committing to your writing (and local writing community), you’re bound to write more this fall.

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Write More This Winter

5 Ways to Write More This Winter on KLWightman.com

Winter is a season that caps both the end and the beginning of each year. It’s also the season that falls after NaNoWriMo and starts during the heavy rush of the Christmas season. How can you think about writing more this winter with so much going on and feeling exhausted from what just passed?

Winter is when we make our New Year’s resolutions. If you want to (finally) reach your writing goal set for this year, you can’t let the dark, cold days hold you back. Winter is the right season to take your writing out of the house and in a different direction so that you write more this season.

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How do you write more throughout the year? Share your strategy in the comments section below.


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