My NaNoWriMo Update: Round 7, Week 3

Ready for another NaNoWriMo update? Here’s what I’ve been up to since week two of National Novel Writing Month.

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Can it already be Week 3 of National Novel Writing Month?! Yes, it’s been hard. Yes, it’s made for some long days. But no, I still have no regrets about it.

That being said, what do I have to report in this week’s NaNoWriMo update?

Let’s start with the non-writing news. I have officially booked my December vacation! I booked my hotel room, scheduled my flight and placed my PTO request. All that’s left is, well, everything I plan to do during that trip…and eventually packing my suitcase.

Having this reward on the books only means one thing: I can’t fail at my writing goal. I have two weeks left and I must keep going so that my vacation is the prize that I rightfully earned.

My Progress

Like last week, my daily goal is at least maintain a minimum of 1,667 words so that I can reach 50K words by November 30. How did I do?

Since last week, I am over the 29K word mark. Most days I wrote at least 1,700 words, usually so that I could discover what I wanted to write during my next writing session. According to my NaNoWriMo profile writing meter, I am still on track to reaching my goal by November 29.

Can’t complain for the third week of National Novel Writing Month!

My Obstacles

My family decided to switch things up this year and have Thanksgiving this past weekend. Great news for seeing my parents and siblings this weekend, especially being able to stay local to make it happen. Not-so-great news for my NaNoWriMo writing goals.

That meant pushing myself a bit harder on Saturday and Sunday. Instead of sleeping in until whenever I decided to wake up, I set an alarm and wrote as fast as I could for 90 minutes. That way, I still had time to prepare food for the celebration and spend quality, uninterrupted time with my family without being bogged down by thoughts on how I was going to reach my word count for the day.

My Successes

During the week, I was tempted to skip writing sessions upon hearing my 5AM alarm. I barely can roll out of bed—how was I going to reach my word count before the work day began?

Fortunately, after my morning 5-mile run in the dark, I found myself energized and filled with inspiration to write before work. Sometimes all it takes is a little physical exercise to get the creative juices flowing.

My Goals

I plan to continue hitting a minimum daily word count of 1,667 words with a goal of reaching at least 42,000 words by this time next week.

Can I reach my goals? Stay tuned!


  1. Can’t believe it’s week 3 of NaNoWriMo either.

    Slipped up in week 2. I started NaNoWriMo writing from the middle. And the closer I was writing to the climax the more I was seeking out distractions. Because I had no idea what should happen in the falling action. I think I have an idea but since I let my characters take over in the storytelling I’ll let my MC figure it out.

    Good luck in reaching your goals!

    1. Great minds are challenged alike! I ran into a similar issue the last two weeks where I wasn’t sure how to move forward with the action. So, on those writing days, I focused on writing a character’s backstory. This is something I often don’t enjoy writing but I know can be relevant to the story. Maybe not in that particular spot, but that can be shuffled through the story elsewhere during the editing process, right? I find that exploring the backstory of the characters provides insight that can instigate action where I was once stuck.

      Good luck with the rest of NaNoWriMo! I hope you can stick to the end and reach your goal 😁

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