5 Ways Writers Can Increase Their Twitter Followers

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If you’re looking for effective ways that writers can increase their Twitter followers, look no further. 

Boosting your followers on Twitter isn’t hard, if all that you want is a high follower count. But you want something more. You want your followers to share your passion for writing. You want your followers that want to read your tweets about writing. You want followers that stay actively engaged in Twitter’s vibrant writing community.

What’s the point of acquiring followers that really don’t care about what you have to say?

If you want Twitter followers that love to write, put in the commitment to following them back. And there’s no need to be shy on Twitter in making that first connection of following them first. 

With this in mind, here are five ways that writers can increase their Twitter followers.

Engage on #WritingCommunity

When you want to have insightful conversations about writing, this hashtag is the place you’ll find it. #WritingCommunity is where all the best questions, answers and comments can be found on all things writing. 

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The best way writers can increase their Twitter followers is by engaging first. Find a handful of tweets where you can partake in the conversation and start tweeting. Make sure to ask as much as you answer, as you would in a real-time convo. You are more likely to receive a follow back once those in the conversation are familiar with who you are.

Make new Twitter friends and discover something new about writing? Talk about a win-win!

Boost Your Twitter Follows with #WritersLift

If your follower count is low, this is an effective way that writers can increase their Twitter followers. #WritersLift is a dedicated place in the Twittersphere where writers can boost their low follow counts. It’s essentially the one Twitter hashtag where fellow writers are eager to receive your follow and to follow you back.

You can either dive into a Twitter conversation calling for follows or Tweet a follow callout of your own—or both!

Remember: This is not the only purpose of this hashtag. Twitter followers also join #WritersLift to heighten positivity about writing, be it to praise a writer for a great story or to discover writing inspiration. So be mindful of the current conversation before you go crazy with that follow button.

Join the #5AMWritersClub

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You read that hashtag right. #5AMWritersClub is a writing trend where writers get up at before the sun rises and start writing by 5AM. Writers rely on this hashtag to hold themselves accountable to sticking to this early morning routine instead of pressing snooze on the alarm.

Think of this hashtag like a virtual club. Once you have proven your membership with your attendance—and, of course, your writing—members will be eager to welcome you into the club by following you back. Just make sure that you participate in the conversation first!

Jump on a Writing Twitter Chat

To be honest, I didn’t know that Twitter chats were still a thing. Turns out, they are!

If you’re not familiar, a Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation that applies one unique hashtag. It’s this unique Twitter chat hashtag that allows participants to follow the discussion and participate. Twitter chats are usually recurring—usually weekly or monthly—and center around specific topics, such as writing, blogging and editing.

This is a fun way that writers can increase their Twitter followers because you can have a regular conversation with Twitter users that share your same interests. And after the timed conversation ends, most Twitter chat participants will be eager to follow you back.

No need to look further for upcoming writing Twitter chats (disclaimer: please check the hashtag before scheduling on your calendar, in case the Twitter chat no longer exists). I find it easier to use a Twitter chat tool designed to refresh continuously and that structures the Twitter chat feed in chronologically order.

Connect with Your Goodreads Friends on Twitter

5 Ways to Get More Friends on GoodReads blog post via KLWightman.com-2

If you’re a writer, you’re also a reader. Perhaps you haven’t picked up a hardbound book for some time, but I’m certain that you can name at least ten great novels you’ve read within 30 seconds.

Since you’re a reader, chances are you also have a profile on Goodreads. For those not in the know, Goodreads is a social media platform where you can keep track of books you’ve read over the years while digitally meeting likeminded readers. 

And why wouldn’t your new reader friends want to also connect with you on Twitter? You can either review the profiles of all your Goodreads friends to see if their Twitter handles are listed or perform a quick search on Twitter to see if they have a Twitter profile. 

Following your Goodreads friends on Twitter is a great way that writers can increase their twitter followers because it’s a connection you already established on another social media platform. When your Goodreads friend sees that you’re now also following them on Twitter, there’s a strong chance you’ll receive a follow back.

Did I miss one? What’s another way that writers can increase their Twitter followers? Share your secrets in the comments section below.

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