7 Ways to Stay Positive While You Write

7 Ways to Stay Positive While You Write via KLWightman.com

The beauty of writing is that a story can explore a rainbow of emotions, from fear and contempt to grief and rage.

However, the emotions we conjure up in our writing have a way of bringing us writers down to the point where we stop writing.

That’s neither good for your story nor you.

Don’t let these somber story feelings drag you down. You can stay positive while you write even the most depressing of stories by changing your mindset and your environment. I have seven suggestions to bring back your optimism:

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This Word Makes You a Very Lazy Writer

This Word Makes You a Very Lazy Writer Blog Post via KLWightman.com

We’ve all used this word when we think, when we speak and when we write. It’s very easy to do.

See? I just used it.

Didn’t catch it? Let’s try this again.

It’s not an elaborate word, a controversial word, an out-of-date word or a trending word. It’s a word that we slip in to our sentence at the very last moment to emphasize our point.

Missed it again? I’ll spell it out for you.

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National Day on Writing: What It Is

October 20 is the National Day on Writing

Autumn was created for writers. The crisp weather a great excuse for us to snuggle underneath a blanket with a good book. The changing leaves brings inspiration back to our writing projects.

Autumn is also the time for NaNoWriMo. And with around the corner in November, what better way to get ramped up than with an October day dedicated to writing?

Good news! National Day on Writing is October 20.

But what is National Day on Writing? Why is there a day that celebrates writing? And how can you celebrate?

So, What is National Day on Writing?

The National Day on Writing is held every year on October 20 (since 2009) to celebration the art and application of writing. The celebration, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), is intended to promote the role that writing plays in our daily lives.

Why is There a National Day on Writing?

The NCTE established the National Day on Writing to draw attention to the variety of writing we all engage in to communicate with others and to express ourselves. The goals of National Day on Writing are to highlight:

  • The importance of writing instruction and practice for K-12 as well as college and graduate students
  • The lifelong journey of learning to write and compose for various purposes and audiences
  • The enjoyment that writing can bring to yourself and to others

How is This Different from Any Other Day?

For writers, every day is a day for writing. We make the time to write several times a week (if not every day) because completing our novels or screenplays or playscripts are important to us.

In fact, we understand the personal value of writing all throughout the year.

The National Day on Writing is to help us understand the value of writing outside of our writing project. To notice that we write emails, text messages, to-do lists, business plans, data reports–that many things we do in a day revolve around us writing out or typing out words.

How Can I Participate?

There are many ways that you can participate in the National Day on Writing.

  • Tweet about why you write with the #WhyIWrite hashtag. Don’t forget to include pictures, video or graphics with your tweet.
  • Take part in a poetry slam, writing marathon, journal read-in or any kind of writing event. Check out the event schedule at your local library, coffee shop, church or community center for ideas.
  • Read essays and articles about the importance of writing.
  • Write. Even if you do it alone. Even if you do it every day.

For more ideas on how to participate in National Day on Writing, visit NCTE’s website.

How does writing impact your life? Share your story below.