5 Things Not to Focus on When Writing Your First Draft

5 Things Not to Focus on When Writing Your First Draft via KLWightman.com

Congratulations! You have decided to embark on writing the first draft of your story.

There’s a good chance that you’ve been on this journey before. You tried writing another story that didn’t go as planned. And by planned, I mean writing the story from start to finish.

That’s why you’re reading my blog post. Because you want to get it right this time.

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4 Ways You Can Be Creative on Command

4 Ways You Can Be Creative on Command via KLWightman.com

Sometimes, creativity is a choice. You miraculously have the afternoon free to take on your creative project, be it writing, painting, crafts or whatever else lets you be expressive.

Sometimes, creativity is not a choice. You have more days than not in your career where a creative solution from you is needed either minutes before the end of the day or at a high-peak, high-stress moment.

That’s why I wrote this blog post.

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