Why We Need Writers During a Crisis

Never have I been more grateful for my art school degree.

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Don’t get me wrong. I am the writer—and person—that I am today because I earned my writing MFA. And frankly, I enjoyed every minute of that experience.

We are all familiar with the jokes that come with holding a creative degree—in my case, two. Being a writer is accepting the fate of being a walking punchline.

Joke’s on them. Sadly, this is not a time for laughing.

We are immersed in a global crisis and a national pandemic that has flipped reality to (what seems like) another universe or dimension. And because our current situation is so surreal, it often leaves us speechless.

Yet, this isn’t a time to stay silent. Your company needs to communicate more than ever with your consumers and business partners. And when tensions are high and so much work needs to get done, it seems impossible to write down what needs to be said.

Maybe it’s time your company invests in a writer.

Creating content on the Internet is so easy these days—maybe too easy. Many of us believe that we can write simply because we know how to click the publish button. But week after week, we witness business after business make the same (and painful) marketing and PR mistakes.

Can we now agree that not everyone has the knack for writing?

Writers are needed during a crisis to communicate effectively and articulate what needs to be expressed. It’s during tough times like these where writers can help you solve problems and deliver creative solutions when you need it most.

Writers Can Communicate Effectively During a Crisis

Strong communication is key during emergency situations. Any misunderstanding along the way can impact how well initiatives are implemented. And during a crisis, your company cannot afford any missteps.

2020: The Year of Mindful Marketing via KLWightman.com

Volume of communication is a start. Staying connected to everything that’s happening does help to a degree. However, if all of that communication is repetitive or contradictory, it can cause more confusion and cost you more time that you already don’t have.

Let a writer step in. Writers are skilled at crafting words clearly and concisely so that you can understand the situation at a glance. Writers know which words to use and how to apply the right words in order to address facts and eliminate ambiguity.

Writers Can Articulate What Needs to Be Expressed

Putting sensitive concepts into words isn’t easy. And compounding this challenge with a crisis adds pressure to get it right while removing the time you need to make it happen.

It’s okay not to know what to say. Let a writer take on that task for you.

Writers only need a grasp on the current situation and the essential objectives. From there, we are on the case to express what you want to say in the manner you want to say it so that it resonates with your target audience. 

Writers take the craft of writing seriously. It’s our mission to make a piece of writing as perfect as it can be, even with the restrictions of time. We are dedicated to selecting the right words in the right order so that your business handles the crisis right.

Writers Can Turn Crisis into Creativity

Writers are creative people. That doesn’t shut off during a stressful situation when the stakes are high. These moments of crazy intensify our desire to create something new and write our way towards an effective solution.

That’s because writing is how writers cope with chaos. When life gets rough, we have always turned to creativity. It’s our natural way of facing a tough moment that lets us express emotions and make sense of the situation. And when we discover how to move forward, we have also created an impressive composition.

There’s nothing a writer enjoys more than sharing this creativity. This is your opportunity to benefit from a writer’s creative mind so that you can turn a bad situation into a powerful moment for your business and your brand.

Writers Can Solve Problems

The creative process isn’t just the progression of an idea transforming into written words. It’s a method that identifies both problem and goal, examines the scenario from all angles, contemplates all questions and devises a creative resolution.

How Creative People Solve Problems via KLWightman.com

Put simply, writers follow a process for solving problems.

A lot of logic and reasoning goes into the creative process. And it’s our go-to approach whenever a problem arises—no matter how big or small—before creativity can truly begin.

Don’t you want a problem solver on your side?

Writers can offer more than words. We excel during a crisis at collaborating with our peers and brainstorming our way towards a successful solution. Even if that solution doesn’t involve writing, writers can help you navigate the problem-solving process in moments when it’s hard to think clearly.

Do You Trust Your Writer?

Your business can either receive these benefits or let it be a missed opportunity—and the outcome depends on how much you trust your writer. Too many hands in the editing process is not trust. Scrapping your writer’s work for your first-draft verbiage is not trust. Sidelining your writer is not trust.

We cling to control during a crisis because it’s a constant when times are unpredictable. This is a natural choice because you are expected as a leader to take charge of the situation. And because communication throughout an emergency is so crucial, it’s your instinct to take lead on communication initiatives, even if writing isn’t your strength. 

Fortunately, you have a talented team that wants to help you get through this. You can focus your attention and efforts where you’re needed most and still deliver effective content and communication. It all starts with trusting your writer.

Trust that your writer can step up to the plate. Trust that your writer can get the job done. Trust that the writer knows how to make it happen. Trust that your writer shares the same goal as you. Trust that your writer wants what’s best for your business.

Because they do.

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