Why Self-Evaluation is Important for Writers

How to take a writing self-evaluation is readily available, but why self-evaluation is important is not often discussed. Self-evaluations are intimidating, especially if you don’t know the right questions to ask or if you’re not ready to speak the truth. But recognizing why self-evaluation is important may be the motivation you need for your writing.


Recognize Your Achievements

Are you so focused on your failures that you haven’t acknowledged your success? Write down your awards, publications, academic achievements, or even that bad writing habit that you overcame. Knowing what you have achieved will make it easier to define what you want to achieve next and what you want to achieve in the future. Learning how to build on your previous successes is why self-evaluation is important.


See the Big Picture & Redefine Your Goals

Sometimes you’re too close to your writing, and what you need to do is step back and see it from afar. Compare how your project or career currently stands and how you want your project or career to turn out. That’s why self-evaluation is important: knowing where you are headed with your writing or career will help you reorganize the small details to get there.


Identify the Small Details

The smallest habit or fault could be what’s holding you back. What are you doing that’s helping you succeed? What are you doing that’s impeding your success? Why self-evaluation is important is because you are slowing down to scrutinize over your actions and its relation to your writing success with a willingness to fix your faults.


Develop a Plan for Improvement

A crucial reason why self-evaluation is important is the end result: a plan to move forward. You can only plan your writing future once you know your writing past and writing present. Define your goals for your writing and your writing career, what steps you can do to achieve them, and the deadlines for you to complete each step. Set your goals up for success by goal-setting smartly.


If you are now convinced as to why self-evaluation is important, complete this writing self-evaluation.


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Why do you think self-evaluation is important for writers? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I like the “Identify the Small Details” part. I know I’ve been completely stalled for weeks before by something that is easily correctable, like not having the right word-processing program or not setting up the right workspace.

    1. I too get fixed up on what I haven’t accomplished that I forget all that I have achieved. Whenever I receive a rejection, I pull up my CV to see my successes and to remind myself why I keep on writing.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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