Writing New Year’s Resolutions: Questions To Ask Yourself

Subscribe to KLWightman.com Blog Upper ButtonIt’s a fun tradition to write New Year’s resolutions with close family and friends. The possibilities seem endless when brainstorming what you’ll do in the upcoming year.

But that’s the easy part.

Instead of writing flashy New Year’s resolutions that get ooohs and ahhhs from your audience, write a goal that impresses you and can bring true value to your life. To ensure that you achieve instead of deceive yourself, ask these questions before you make the commitment towards a hefty goal.

Will This Matter In Five Years?

Why New Year's Resolutions Won't Make You a Success via KLWightman.comSeveral years from now, will you be glad that you put your blood, sweat and tears into this project?

In other words, does this goal only matter now? Or is this New Year’s resolution necessary for your long-term goals and overall happiness?

The more valuable you find in your New Year’s resolution, the more likely you’ll commit to achieving the goal.

Do I Really Want To Achieve This New Year’s Resolution This Year?

Why January is the Worst Month for Writing New Year's Resolutions via KLWightman.comIs there a pressing deadline for your goal? Will reaching this New Year’s resolution make or break your year?

It’s okay to press pause on a certain New Year’s resolution so that you can reach another goal. Not all goals you have must be achieved this year. I’ll give you an example.

Writing a novel has been my goal for numerous years. However, after revisiting my long-term vision of my writing career, I decided that writing a full-length play was a better goal to aim for this year than writing a novel. I still want to write a novel, and I will probably write more of my novel this year, but it is not a pressing goal to finish it this upcoming year.

Do I Have A Plan To Achieve This New Year’s Resolution?

The Real Reason Why New Years Resolutions FailWithout a plan to achieve your New Year’s resolution, your goal is only a wish.

Try breaking down your New Year’s resolution into smaller, achievable goals. Then, give these smaller goals monthly deadlines so that you progress throughout the year until you achieve your final goal by December 31, 2014. That way, you know if your goal is on track in April, July and October.

How Will I Stick To My New Year’s Resolution?


It’s easy to start strong on your New Year’s resolution in January, February and even March. But what about sticking to your New Year’s resolution in June and November?

It's January. Do You Know Where Your New Year's Resolutions Are?Set calendar reminders each month so that you make time to revisit your New Year’s resolution. Questions like these will help keep your goal on track:

  • Are you still committed to your goal?
  • What progress have you made since last month?
  • Are your daily choices contributing to your goal?
  • What daily changes can you make to help further your goal?

What do you ask yourself before writing your New Year’s resolution? Share the questions you ask yourself below.


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