It’s January. Do You Know Where Your New Year’s Resolutions Are?

It’s the New Year and I’m already ticked off.

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My plan for January 1 was to write this blog post while sipping a locally-brewed mocha. So I did some solid research on nearby coffeehouses the night before to see if there was one open for regular hours on the holiday. Or at least sometime in the morning.

Turns out there was one downtown that I’ve been meaning to try, but parking is difficult in that area except on Sundays. Their website or social media channels didn’t say that hours would be different on New Year’s Day. And January 1 is also on a Sunday.

That means free parking!

It was destiny – well, not quite. I arrived to find their doors locked. No message in the window. No website update. No recent tweet or Facebook post.

Pounding Doors GIFGreat.

Since no other coffeehouse was open, I did the walk of sheer frustration back to my car. Past the deserted downtown streets. Past the darkened shops and restaurants. Past the silver NYE hats and filled plastic cups of water sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.

So now I’m back in my apartment mocha-less writing this blog post for you.

But first, let’s call out the coffeeshop for its lack of communication:

Hungover Ren and Stimpy GIF

I recently blogged about the real reason why we fail at our New Year’s resolutions. And living through today only confirms the stats.

What’s so frustrating about the first day of the New Year is that everything stops. Nobody lives on that day. It’s a massive world hangover.

But the first day of the year is meant for new beginnings. For weeks now – me, months – we’ve been chanting, “bring on the New Year!” We’ve been crafting our New Year’s resolutions, ready to take on the next 365 days like a shiny new second chance.

Sleeping Snooze ZZZs GIF

Now that it’s here, we keep pressing the snooze button.

We sleep in. We go see a movie or binge-watch a TV show. We order take-out because we ran out of holiday leftovers and haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

What do we not do? We don’t hit the treadmill. We don’t cut back on those bad habits or sweets. We don’t sit down with our schedules and plot out a game plan on how to make these New Year’s resolutions happen.

"I'll Think About It Tomorrow" says Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind GIF


“I’ll think about it tomorrow,” we say today. Then tomorrow. And tomorrow’s tomorrow. Until your New Year’s resolutions evaporate from your memory. That is, until December 31.



It’s early January. Do you know where your New Year’s Resolutions are?

Stare at your goals. Did you make these New Year’s resolutions through the foggy haze of a champagne glass or through a deep desire of wanting to achieve? Is your resolve to impress your friends or to fulfill your inner need?

So why wait another day? Your another day is here. January has started. It’s your time to make it happen. It’s going to take all year to reach, so why not start today? Why not make a plan today on how to commit to your goals all year?

If you’re serious about your New Year’s resolutions, I recommend my previous blog posts on shaping and reaching your goals:

So, do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? Share your goals for this year below in the comments section.

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