9 Skills Mastered By A Content Marketer

The skills of a content marketer, as shown on a periodic table
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If you peruse online job boards, you see titles like content marketing manager, content marketing strategist, content marketing consultant—the list goes on.

That’s because over 70% of companies plan to increase their content marketing. And it takes a strong content marketer to brainstorm, create, execute and deliver the results.

But what are the skills of a content marketer that make this happen? Here’s my list:


A content marketer must think with the left brain. These strategic skills of a content marketer leads to understanding the big picture, developing strong goals and putting several processes into place for the campaign or project at hand.


A content marketer must also think with the right brain. In content marketing, story and presentation are both key to winning the attention of a target audience—and a content marketer gets that. The creative skills of a content marketer also include video and design in order to produce visual content.

Influence & Energetic Promotion

Content marketers market the marketing. The social media-savvy skills of a content marketer revolve around knowing which channels to publish the content marketing, the best times to publish and what influencers and/or brands to reach out to optimize content magnification.


Stats don’t scare a content marketer. In fact, those in content marketing are rather obsessed with data. It takes the skills of a content marketer to know the difference between the many metrics and decide on which metrics to use and monitor based on the marketing and company goals.


Be it internal or external, collaboration skills of a content marketer are necessary to get the job done. A content marketer collaborates both with the content marketing team and company stakeholders as well as with agencies, freelancers, analysts and other companies on any given content marketing project.

Voice & Branding

It takes the skills of a content marketer to uphold how the content is written and presented for their target audiences. Whether it’s witty and humorous or straightforward and sincere, a content marketer never lets the content marketing stray from the company’s brand and voice.


It’s probably no surprise that the writing skills of a content marketer are pretty sharp. A content marketer has SEO, HTML, spelling and grammar, attention to detail and storytelling down to a science—or an art.


Being persistent, resourceful and fearless are just some of the necessary skills of a content marketer. In fact, there is no time to be afraid when it comes to trying new things and possibly failing. Fortunately, content marketers thrive on the real-time, think-on-your-feet atmosphere of content marketing.

Industry Knowledge

A content marketer knows the industry like the back of their own hand. The street smarts—or skills—of a content marketer include company/product knowledge, market insight and customer/audience insight. In content marketing, learning about the industry is an enjoyable cycle that’s always changing.

Did I miss any? What skills of a content marketer should be added to my list? Name that skill in the comments section below.

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