My NaNoWriMo: Round 5, Week 2

Week 2 of National Novel Writing Month is in the books! I’ve typed out a lot of words, reinstated some neglected (yet proven) writing habits back into my life and haven’t hated every word I’ve cranked out into my story.

That’s got to count for something, right?

Subscribe to Blog Upper ButtonLast year I was more proactive in traveling during the month of November because I found that adventure inspired my writing. So far, I haven’t ventured far from my home, but I’d like to take one weekend trip away before autumn really becomes winter.

But you didn’t click this blog post to read what I’d like to do in November. You want to know about my NaNoWriMo experience so far! Here’s a recap of my progress, obstacles, successes and goals during the first ten days of National Novel Writing Month.

My Progress

My daily goal is to maintain—if not exceed— a minimum of 1,667 words. I don’t want to fall behind too early in the game, not with Thanksgiving only two weeks away, so I set the bar high early in the game.

Since last week, I am over the 15K word mark! According to my NaNoWriMo profile writing meter, I am on par to finish by November 29.

I am writing a novel of short stories this go-around. So far I have completed one short story and have made serious progress within two other short stories that are tying together much more easily than I anticipated.

My Obstacles

Squeezing in 1,667 words in a day is tough, especially when I hold a full-time job and I don’t have anyone else to do my adulting for me. I’m also rigidly committed to working out five days a week. I felt overwhelmed at the thought of fitting everything I need and want to get done in one day.

Daylight Savings Time really worked in my favor this week. I found myself waking up an hour earlier before my alarm naturally, expecting it to go off. Since I had nothing else to do but toss and turn, I decided to put that time to good use by cranking out as many words as I could before my alarm sounded.

Dare I call them Twilight Sprints?

This really worked in my favor because I feel wiped once I come home from work. Knowing I only have a handful of words left to write for National Novel Writing Month hours before bed is more approachable and attainable then the whole caboodle.

My Successes

Last weekend, my sister and brother-in-law flew to Las Vegas for a conference. That left me in charge of their beloved pooch Bingo.

Bingo likes to do three things: Take long walks, beg for dinner and snooze.

Whenever Bingo was busy sniffing a leaf pile or claiming a mailbox as his own, I spent the time brainstorm what words to write next. And when he crashed on the couch, sleeping flat as a pancake from exhaustion, I spent that time writing for NaNoWriMo.

Dedicating my weekends to getting ahead on my word count has really paid off in terms of lowering my stress level and increasing my word count bank.

My Goals

I plan to continue hitting a minimum of 1,667 words daily with a goal of reaching at least a 25K word count by next Friday, November 17.

What are your NaNoWriMo goals this week? Share it with us below.

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