My NaNoWriMo: Round 6, Week 1

Six years—and here I go again!

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In case you’re not already an avid reader of my blog, I publish weekly posts about NaNoWriMo throughout October and November.

We’re already few days in to November and I’m ready to continue my annual tradition: Post a weekly update on my National Novel Writing Month status.

I’m returning back to more traditional roots when it comes to this year’s novel writing challenge.

What You Can Expect From My NaNoWriMo 2018

This year, I plan to:

  • Write 1,667+ words every day
  • Share my National Novel Writing Month blog posts on Twitter
  • Post My NaNoWriMo updates every Monday

Not as ambitious as last year, but writing an entire novel—again!—is no easy feat! I have plenty on my plate that these goals are more than enough for me to tackle.

How I’m Participating in National Novel Writing Month

Completing my first NaNoWriMo novel draft two years ago was an eye-opening experience for me. No, it wasn’t the first time I’ve created a beginning-to-end novel draft (I had some practice in grad school), but it was the first time I had to complete it in such a short time span.

I was proud that I finished this novel draft two years ago. And it was then that I realized that the entire draft had to be scrapped.

Not because it was written poorly. Because I had to take an entirely different angle on the story.

Every word in this year’s NaNoWriMo manuscript is entirely new. While the premise of my novel is still the same, the approach, characters and plot arc have changed so drastically that this is easily a brand new novel draft.

What This Means For My Blog

Every Monday in November, my plan is to blog about my progress, my obstacles and my successes and my goals. That way, you are always in the know on where I stand during this creative writing journey I have strangely decided to take on again.

So far, I am at 7,530 words. By next Monday, my goal is 19,200 with a daily goal of at least 1,667 words.

Let’s get to writing! Are you competing in this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge this November? Are we yet NaNoWriMo writing buddies? Share your writing plans for this month in the comments section below.


  1. Well done on the start! Weekly round ups I think add to the goal posts too. Keeps the mind focussed. I decided to give it a miss this year as I’ve too many things going on so I think next years Camps will be my targets to push a few projects to completion. Tough, yet necessary change in your novel by the sounds of it too. Best of luck with that!

      1. Call it a safety net in case the book stumbles! Writing blog post round ups does take time too, time that would otherwise add to the NaNo WIP 😂

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