My NaNoWriMo Round 3: Week 3

NaNoWriMo goals are best rewarded with donuts at Dexter Cider Mill.

Another busy week! I launched blog posts on my company’s blog as well as completed my NaNoWriMo goals this week.

My family came up to visit me this weekend, so we made a stop at Dexter Cider Mill before it closed for the season. While I was adventuring across the Arizona desert this time last year, nothing says fall more than watching the colorful leaves fall while drinking a cup of cider and munching on a warm doughnut.

So, how was completing my NaNoWriMo goals this week? Here’s this week’s progress:

My Progress

Since last week, I submitted my play to two opportunities as promised. One opportunity was for a development workshop at a conference in Alaska while another opportunity was to be considered for a local theatre’s performance season. Fingers crossed!

I also drafted the last backstories for two characters on my new writing project.

My Obstacles

I struggled on developing the second character backstory. I still need to do some solid research on some facts to verify his backstory, but I’m also anticipating to discover more about his past as I write it. I normally don’t like to leave that up in the air, but I think this writing project will be the most challenging story I’ve ever dared to write so I’m mentally preparing myself for these unpredictable inevitabilities.

My Successes

I was able to complete my goals early on in the week, despite not having pressing deadlines looming over me. That allowed me to spend some time researching submission opportunities to help me reach next week’s goals.

My Goals

Next week, I’m anticipating a very busy week with many community-related commitments happening after work hours. I’m going to shift my focus to submitting my play to four new opportunities.

Halfway through National Novel Writing Month! How is your NaNoWriMo experience going? Share your stories below.

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  1. […] Since last week, I submitted my play to four theatre opportunities as planned. Three opportunities were scattered around Chicago’s theatre scene, while one was a performance opportunity in New Jersey. It will be awhile until I hear back, but I’m keeping track of all theatres, conferences and workshops I’ve submitted to. […]

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