How the Moon Cycle Impacts Your Creativity

The long-awaited solar eclipse happens on August 21! But do the phases of the moon impact our creativity? More than you think.

Subscribe to Blog Upper ButtonToday’s stunning solar eclipse has many (if not most) of us pausing our plans to capture a rare view of the moon blocking the vibrant light of the sun.

Unless you avidly follow astrology, you probably don’t follow the phases of the moon until a rare celestial movement glides above us.

But ignoring the lunar cycle could be holding back your creativity.

Do Seasons Affect Our Creativity? via KLWightman.comI’m often teased for holding truth in how the alignment of planets or the full moon affects the on-goings of my life. And I know what kind of week I’m about to have based on the approaching moon phase.

I don’t care what you say. Mercury retrograde is a real thing.

Whether or not you believe the energetic impact our galaxy has on our personal lives, following the lunar cycle in terms of your creativity could be the habit you need to add into your life for your creative project to manifest.

New Moon

New Moon

The New Moon phase occurs when the sun and the moon are on the same side of Earth. It appears to be invisible to us because the side we can see of the moon cannot be illuminated by the sun.

The New Moon is often called the Seed Moon because it’s a time to sprout new beginnings in your life. The New Moon brings calmness and balance into your life, elevating your energy and confidence in your creativity. Now is the time to plant the seeds of what you hope to accomplish and watch your goals grow and manifest throughout the lunar cycle.

How to Make the Most of Your Creativity During New Moon

You won’t need to press the snooze button during the New Moon. In fact, you’ll probably sleep less and be eager to rise early. If you can, use this extra morning time on your creative project before launching into the routine of your day.

During the New Moon, our appetite increases and we have spurts of energy throughout the day. Fuel your mind and body with the right foods and focus your energy on getting ahead either on your creative project or on household chores or work project so that you can dedicate your time scheduled for your creative project more fully and without distractions.

The New Moon clears our minds for developing new ideas and unexpected insights. It is truly the best time to make breakthroughs on your creative project—and get your creativity down on paper!

You may find yourself feeling shy and sensitive during the New Moon. This is because this lunar phase is a time of self-reflection. It’s okay to stay away from crowds so that you can fully reflect on yourself and your creative project, either through meditation or journaling. Just give your friends a head’s up on your momentary distance—you’ll want their company again once this lunar phase passes.

First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

We see the First Quarter Moon when the sun illuminates the right half of the moon as we can see it.

The expectations you set during the New Moon start to take shape during this growth period of the First Quarter Moon. The common theme during this lunar phase not finding balance as during the First Moon but in creating it.

How to Make the Most of Your Creativity During the First Quarter Moon

As a creator, you naturally take on a lot and still get it done. But the First Quarter Moon challenges you to only take on what you know you can accomplish so that you don’t overextend yourself. Set reasonable goals for your creative project and take on only essential tasks in your career or personal life so that you have the energy you need during this moon phase to grow.

Speaking of growth, now is the perfect time to take a class or learn a new skill that builds on your creativity or helps your creative project. Your focus shifts from the actual creation part of your project to the planning phase, from list-making and sketching to brainstorming and breakthroughs.

Your energy is most balanced throughout the day during the First Quarter Moon. Instead of bursts of energy, you’ll find a steady increase of energy between 10AM and 2PM. If you can focus on your creative project during these hours, do so! If you have a 9-to-5 career like me, either take a lunch break to make movement on your creative project or focus these hours on getting ahead at work so that you can dedicate your after-hours time on your creativity.

No shyness here during the First Quarter Moon! You’ll feel emotionally balanced as well as more outgoing during this lunar phase. Now is the time to network with likeminded souls who can help your passion grow and support your creativity.

Full Moon

Full Moon

The Full Moon is easy to spot in the sky because it’s the brightest phase of the lunar cycle. The moon is fully illuminated by the sun and we see a perfect circle in the night sky.

The Full Moon phase is known as the fruition period of the moon cycle. The seeds you planted during the New Moon and nurtured during the First Quarter Moon now manifest before your eyes.

How to Make the Most of Your Creativity During the Full Moon

Your desire to be social is ever-present during the Full Moon. You’ll find yourself more talkative and seeking crowds of people. Make the most of your time by showing up to events or networking circles where your creativity is valued. You may find a creative partnership or connection that your current or next creative project needs.

Direct this extroverted energy into your creative project. The hardest part of a creative endeavor is the actual creation, and now is the best time to execute on your drafted plans.

You may find yourself a little restless at night and not wanting to go to bed early. Even if you’re not a night owl, focus this energy on your creative project during these late hours. You’ll sleep more soundly if you do!

Third Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon

We see the Third Quarter Moon when the sun illuminates the left half of the moon as we can see it.

Because we are circling back to the New Moon, this lunar phase is not the time of endings but of closure and completion.

How to Make the Most of Your Creativity During the Third Quarter Moon

After the energetic Full Moon phase, you find yourself with more mental clarity during the Third Quarter Moon. Now is the time to wrap up the technical aspect of your creative project or what you achieved during the Full Moon.

Is Coffee or Tea Better for Creativity? via

The Third Quarter Moon brings a big picture perspective into your life—even if you’re not a big picture kind of person! Focus less on creative output and more on piecing it all together, from shuffling chapters around to flushing out character development. Those problems that were a head-scratcher during the other moon phases glide into your life with vivid clearness.

Make note of what needs to be done during the next lunar cycle so that you can plant the seeds during the next New Moon. Your creativity now is best used at seeing the project for what it is and can be.

Have you noticed the lunar cycle affecting your creativity? Share your story in the comments section below.


  1. I deeply believe we can make the most out of our creativity and productivity by tuning into the moon cycle 😁 I’m doing a course about and I was doing some extra research – that’s how I ended up here. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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